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About TASA

The Tbilisi Architects and Sculptors Association was created in 2008 by sculptors and architects to support the aforementioned fields in Georgian public space.

Members of the association have taken part in a variety of public and private events and activities in the fields of sculpture and architecture over the years, including the development of the Georgian Culture Strategy 2025 - under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection, the development of the rules for establishing the architectural-artistic composition - under the leadership of the Tbilisi City Council, to name but a few.

Since 2016, members of our association have been represented by the Commission on the expediency of placing architectural-artistic compositions and memorial boards within the administrative boundaries of Tbilisi Municipality, as well as the best documentation of sketches and cost estimates of monumental fine art statues commemorating various historical events or personalities, other memorial objects, and sculptural compositions by Tbilisi Municipality's City Hall.

Due to our efforts, Tbilisi City Hall set tender terms, assessment criteria, potential minimum budgets, and many other significant issues that have benefited the Georgian society multiple times.

The association's support in protecting sculptors' copyrights has also proven to be crucial for Georgian authors.

The association holds exhibitions, participates in scientific-research events and organises a series of lectures and conferences on philosophical, historical-artistic, and ethnographic topics.

Team Members
Levan Salukvadze
Sculptor, Founder, Head of TASA
Gela Iordanishvili
Architect. Founder of TASA
Zviad Mchedlishvili
Sculptor, Cultural policy developer, Member of the Board
Archil Kurdiani
Architect, Professor of IAA, Member of the Board
Khatuna Kikvadze
Doctor of Arts, Member of the Board
Sofia Chitorelidze
Art expert, Doctor of Humanities, Member of the Board
Paata Grigolia
Doctor of Medicine, Member of the Board
Henri Zafir
Sculptor, Member of ISC, IPAA, Member of the Board