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100 Years of Georgian Sculpture

The book (album) "100 Years of Georgian Sculpture" represents a fresh edition from the Tbilisi Architects and Sculptors Association.

It encompasses illustrations derived from the "100 Years of Georgian Sculpture" exhibition held in Tbilisi in 2022, alongside an engaging popular science text.

Leading the project is Levan Salukvadze, while the text is authored by Samson Lezhava.

Funding for the project has been provided by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Youth of Georgia.

Three Generations

'Three Generations of Georgian Sculptors of the Most Recent Period 1990/2000/2010' is a bilingual (Georgian-English) book.

It contains 70 pieces by 50 prominent sculptors who graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts in the previous three generations.

Along with the visual material, the publication includes an art history text that covers contemporary artistic tendencies in the sculpting area, as well as the events occurring in Georgia.

The publication commemorates the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts' 100th anniversary.

The catalogue was produced with the financial support of Tbilisi City Hall.

Sculpture in COVID-19 Pandemic Period

The catalog 'Sculpture during the Covid-19 Pandemic' is a Georgian-English publication that features fifty sculptures from the exhibition 'Sculpture during the Covid-19 Pandemic.'

The visual material is supplemented with a textual element that includes an artistic assessment of the show exhibits.

The exhibition catalog was created with the financial support of Georgia's Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Youth.