<Tbilisi Architects and Sculptors Association
21 Alexander Griboedov St, 0108, Tbilisi, Georgia
Mon - Fri : 09.00 AM - 09.00 PM
+995 599 588 291

Our Vision

The Tbilisi Architects and Sculptors Association is a non-profit organisation that brings together people with knowledge, experience, and an interest in architecture and sculpture. The association was founded to support the fields of architecture and sculpture in Georgia, as well as to educate and raise public awareness about the role and potential of these disciplines.

Our Mission

The Tbilisi Architects and Sculptors Association has the following objectives:

- Development and popularisation of the fields of architecture and sculpture
- Promotion of scientific research in architecture, sculpture, and related fields
- Promotion of educational processes in architecture and sculpture at all levels of the educational system
- Creating a strategy for the country's architecture and sculpture industries, as well as managing processes
- Restoration of the statue's industrial infrastructure and promotion of its smooth operation
- Participation and assistance in resolving issues related to the establishment of market relations in the field of sculpture
- Supporting architects and sculptors in carrying out their creative processes properly
- Facilitating the formation of a legal system that is favourable to the field's development in the disciplines of architecture and sculpture
- Protection of association members' copyright, intellectual property, and other similar rights

To achieve these objectives, the association organises and participates in local, national, and international projects, and other types of events. Organises competitions and exhibitions, as well as symposiums, forums, conferences, seminars, and creative dialogues. Collaborates with state agencies and the private sector along with cultural figures, civil society representatives, and all interested parties who share the association's goals.