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Contemporary Sculpture in Actual and Virtual Reality

November 18 - 20, 2023

The international exhibition 'Modern Sculpture in Actual and Virtual Reality' was organised by the Tbilisi Architects and Sculptors Association and opened on November 18 at 18:00. The exhibition aimed to showcase the latest developments and trends in the field of sculpture, focusing on critical topics such as new directions in sculpture, materials used in modern sculpture, and the technical and artistic methods employed by contemporary sculptors.

The exhibition featured a diverse range of sculptures, including those created using traditional methods and those generated by special computer programs. Some sculptures were physically produced using 3D printers, while others were experienced in the 'virtual space' on monitors within the exhibition hall. Additionally, spatial compositions in 'augmented reality' could be viewed by scanning QR codes using AR technology.

The display included works by established artists and emerging talents who experimented with innovative materials and digital media alongside traditional techniques. Notably, the event featured both Georgian sculptors and foreign contributors.

The project was made possible through financial support from the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Youth of Georgia and the Tbilisi City Hall.

The exhibition promised a unique and engaging experience for both artists and visitors. It was held at Radisson RED Tbilisi until November 20. Attendance was free, offering an opportunity for a wide range of people to explore and appreciate the world of modern sculpture in its various forms.