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New Media Art Tbilisi

December 6 , 2022

New Media Art Tbilisi is a project managed by the Municipal Department of Culture, Education, Sport, and Youth Affairs and implemented by the Tbilisi Association of Sculptors and Architects as part of the "Creative Tbilisi" programme.

The project's objective is to showcase innovative and experimental ideas in the field of new media art, to discover unique multimedia projects, to support the creative activities of young artists, and to launch new initiatives.

The participating artists' ideas and concepts were selected through a competition. The successful applicants attended workshops to talk about global trends and practices in media art. Mentors helped in assessing and enhancing the presentational format of the ideas submitted.

On December 6, 2022, the Merab Berdzenishvili International Culture Center, Muza, hosted the presentation of young artists' concepts/projects.
The panel picked three winning ideas/projects: I place - Deep Space; II place - Orchestra; III place - Independent Variable.

The concepts were chosen with an eye toward their potential for future implementation in Tbilisi's open public space. A new platform for showcasing the works of artists who are moving toward new media art may be developed as part of the project's framework, it was also noted.